I secured the diamond necklace around my neck and stared at the mirror.I saw the wavy ebony hair, the grey eyes and those gorgeous crimson lips before stepping out of my villa I remembered something my grandmother told me beauty is as much on the inside as it is on the outside.

Then I felt like the ugliest person who ever roamed this planet. Why? Why because my heart was scarred with wounds as deep as the soldier’s trenches, sorrows like the tears of the mourning families. It seems like my heart is cracked by my friends who stabbed me in the back; those dreams which never came true. Those days of suffering endlessly,the nights of ceaseless horror. The silent unspoken words and the cold unshed tears.

It struck me then that all the elegance, grace was just a fake, it was me trying to cover up my imperfections. Me, the most appalling soul alive.

                                                                                   – By Lavanya Gupta

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