I remember,

here in the glen,

a young girl used to sit,

on a little piece of wood; a swing.

To and fro,

higher and higher,

Until she could reach the clouds……..

Long golden hair,

shining in the sunshine,

tied back with a red ribbon,

Maple coloured eyes,

lit with childish energy,

A smile,

dancing on her lips.

Her youth was captured forever there,

Among periwinkles and honeysuckles.


Eighty years later,

as I sit on my rickety swing,

I remember the girl I once was –

Vivacious, light-hearted, funny, jovial;

and here I am now,

Weak and frail.

As I took in all the beauty around me for the last time,

my glance fell on a red ribbon,

lying in the mud,

and I was drowning in a sea of memories….

-By Lavanya Gupta



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