A new year,
a new beginning.
Mistakes are forgotten,
A new slate;
starting over.
New bonds made,
old ones restrengthened.

And as you move on,
journey through unchartered territories,
I want you to remember,
the comfort of home,
when you are far away;
the bitter taste of failure,
even though you have won;
how it is to be alone,
though you may have friends by your side;
that there is no better or worse,
everyone is the same;
that everything happens for a reason,
though it may not seem like that at the time;
and you can always turn back,
I’ll welcome you with open arms;
and that you should always be yourself,
no matter what the others say-
you are special and unique;
and I wouldn’t have you be any other way!

-By Lavanya Gupta

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