They say time heals all wounds; then what about the scars?

Time just makes the wounds worse;

the pain seem deeper,

Reminding me of how foolish and naive I once was.

Reminding me that friends can back stab you,

betray you,

trample on the very memory of you.

That paths may intersect,

but they always run separately again.

That no matter how many tears are shed,

they can never compensate for death.

That you should never go into battle,

mad with the fury of loss,

and the thirst for revenge;

it only makes you fumble.

That memories will return,

no matter how much you try to hide your past

and they hurt more than a thousand blades.

That no matter how much you fight,

how well you parry each and every blow,

you can’t run from your destiny.

And that you always have to return back,

to where you came from in the end.

-By Lavanya Gupta

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