I just can’t write now…

Those words just remain out of my reach,

I’m reaching out but grasping nothing.

It used to be so easy,

the lines-

they were threads I could weave into a tapestry,

so simple; so beautiful…

They could be flying carpets and magical lamps,

or wardrobes leading to enchanting worlds;

They could be magic ( and men with no noses!),

or games in a huge arena ( let the 76th Hunger Games begin! No).

Or it could be faith, trust and pixie dust;

with the lost boys,

or maybe down the rabbit hole ( we all know where that lands…)

It could be as a rider, wizard, tribute or shadow hunter,

anything would be better than my current predicament…

Wow, I still haven’t written anything…

or have I written it all?…

-By Lavanya Gupta

Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com
To all the lost writers, I hope you find your way…

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