You were the rhythm to my heartbeat,

the smile to my tears,

the yes to my every no.

You were the sun,

I was the moon;

we were perfect.

We were hope and trust,

bound together by faith and destiny.

We were opposites,

but that only brought us closer,

held together by an unbreakable bond;

or so we thought…

Words wrecking us apart,

making us more distant by the minute.

We went our own way,

forests of hatred driving us further apart…

We thought we were unbreakable,

but we did break ourselves apart.

Separated by a wall,

built brick by brick;

by those words we can’t take back,

those actions we wish we wish we hadn’t carried out.

As I see you today,

that unpenetrable wall falls down.

I realize what a fool I once was.

You were and you will always be

my everything.

Without you I am one half of a whole

a sky without stars,

a dream without a plan,

and a girl with no heart.

-By Lavanya Gupta

We are more than I, we are US

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