What war means to me

War is nothing more than a stray word,

a mere argument,

that claims billions of lives,

destroys everything you have ever known.

It scars you,

changes you.

It tears you away from the ones you love,

shatters dreams, hopes;

blots away live like a pen on a paper.

The feeling of captivity,

as you long to soar as you once did,

The experience of sitting still in a bunker,

simply hoping and praying that you get to live to see a new day,

The moment when everyone around you falls,

and you know that within seconds you will fall too…

This is what a war makes you feel…

It wrenches your soul out,

manipulates you,

until the only rational thought you have left is to live;

or even die.

A war shapes the future,

shatters the present,

and destroys the past.

-By Lavanya Gupta

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