Stone hard, machine gun,

Fire at the ones who run,

Stone hard as bulletproof glass

– Sia, Titanium

She never falters.



The epitome of perfection.

She is a star,

in the night sky;

a rare gift.

She stands a little taller;

her smile- brighter than the rest.

You could try to shoot her down,

but bullets of heart just ricocheted off her armour.

she is bulletproof…

But there are two faces to every coin,

and two sides to every story.

As she sits in a deserted alcove,

her impenetrable armour disintegrates into nothing.

She lays still,

in an inky corner,

rivulets of mascara flowing down her cheeks…

That mask was nothing more than a pretence,

a feeble attempt at masking her scars,

making herself whole once more;

you see that bulletproof heart was actually a fallen soldier…

-By Lavanya Gupta

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