The warm sand tickled the soles of my feet. In the distance, I could hear gulls cawing. I ran over the scorching warm sand towards the azure sea.

The gentle waves lashing towards me had been luring me towards them; I had to give in to the siren’s call…

I waded through the knee-deep water and went deeper. 

Deeper, that I was standing on my short toes to reach the surface. Deeper that I was the only one standing that far. Deeper, that I alone…

Far away from everyone- friends and family. Far away from the call of chores and duties. Far away from mistrust, from betrayal, from sorrow.

Yes, the salt stung my eyes; but at least no tears were stinging them… Isolation? No, it was peace. Loneliness? No, it was a quiet bubble for me, and me only…

Water drops between my long eyelashes reflected the sunlight so all I could see were rainbows.

It was like someone had frozen time.

It felt like me, in my little sphere would remain suspended there forever.

No company, no words, no thoughts. It was just me and the mighty explored, untracked sea.

Ironically, I wasn’t scared facing that prospect.

It was one of my most welcoming thoughts in days…

-By Lavanya Gupta