Lip balm.

Unlikely title? Yeah. But I just had to share my obsession for lip balms. The worst part is that they have so many different shapes, forms, flavors (candy, fruity, soft drinks…) and colors that you can never have them all. Especially the ones that are limited edition, that are made only for Christmas or any other occasion.

I am going to America for the first time, meet me at Target or any other store, freaking out over EOS and Lip smackers. You’d see my mom freaking out too – but she’d be worried about the money spent on frivolous items like lip balm; which according to her I don’t even use. I just buy them and loose them and then buy more. It is the ‘circle’ of my lip balm’s life.

Who else out there is obsessed with these gorgeous make up items? Surely not my best friend. She dug her nail into my best lip balm, now it has a huge hole in its center. Time can heal all the wounds, just not the ones associated with your best friend ruing and murdering your best bubble gum lip balm…

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