It's cowardice. 
Forfeiting a match before you even know the outcome.
It is the low way around.
The coward's path, the shortcut.

But no one can deny that it takes a ton of courage,
to swallow those pills,
to light that match,
to take the final leap,
to squeeze the trigger...
A hell more of courage than I have.


Wind blowing,

Whistling in my ears,

As it tousles my hair.

Feet leave the ground

Soaring higher,

And lower.

Adrenaline coursing through my veins.

Eyes shut,

but still seeing everything.

I should be afraid,

But I am alive,


Never stop…


The roller coaster

Sliding into an abrupt halt.

I stepped off.


I had flown.

-By Lavanya Gupta