School is more than an institution,

it is more than class rooms-

rows of chairs;

more than exams and stress.

It is a home;

it is a memory to be cherished.

It is more than where we learn to read and write,

it is where we learn to laugh and smile,

and cry.

Where friendships are forged for a lifetime,

where we decide our path for the future.

Where children for whom ‘letters’ are nightmares,

learn to weave them into beautiful stories.

Where stuttering infants,

become eloquent speakers.

Where young minds are nurtured,

given pathways they can follow-

or pave their own.

Mostly where we all blossom into learned individuals,

as we set out to conquer the world.

-By Lavanya Gupta

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To the ones who face a stormy sea,

don’t worry, the storm will pass.

To the ones who are fighting an endless battle,

don’t give up; the end is close in sight.

To the ones who smile, in spite of the tears welling up inside,

I commend your bravery.

To the ones who keep trying to make it through,

never stop,

you will reach your goal.

To all the ones who try;

try but don’t succeed;

never drop out.

While every day might seem like a nightmare,

every single breath might hurt,

It may seem disheartening, bleak and daunting-

Never relinquish,

Never surrender;

because soon, right in front of you, you’ll see a rainbow.

-By Lavanya Gupta

Scarred Heart

They say time heals all wounds; then what about the scars?

Time just makes the wounds worse;

the pain seem deeper,

Reminding me of how foolish and naive I once was.

Reminding me that friends can back stab you,

betray you,

trample on the very memory of you.

That paths may intersect,

but they always run separately again.

That no matter how many tears are shed,

they can never compensate for death.

That you should never go into battle,

mad with the fury of loss,

and the thirst for revenge;

it only makes you fumble.

That memories will return,

no matter how much you try to hide your past

and they hurt more than a thousand blades.

That no matter how much you fight,

how well you parry each and every blow,

you can’t run from your destiny.

And that you always have to return back,

to where you came from in the end.

-By Lavanya Gupta

Ode To 2019

A new year,
a new beginning.
Mistakes are forgotten,
A new slate;
starting over.
New bonds made,
old ones restrengthened.

And as you move on,
journey through unchartered territories,
I want you to remember,
the comfort of home,
when you are far away;
the bitter taste of failure,
even though you have won;
how it is to be alone,
though you may have friends by your side;
that there is no better or worse,
everyone is the same;
that everything happens for a reason,
though it may not seem like that at the time;
and you can always turn back,
I’ll welcome you with open arms;
and that you should always be yourself,
no matter what the others say-
you are special and unique;
and I wouldn’t have you be any other way!

-By Lavanya Gupta

Christmas Time

As snow falls from the heavens above,

The world is hidden, 

Under a white blanket.

Little children with rosy cheeks,

Snowball fights, toboggans and hot choc;

And of course Santa Claus!

That was Christmas for them….

In one of their homes a mother,

Washing dishes and memories away,

Weeping, in the silence of empty halls,

She couldn’t make ends meet,

How could she afford presents?

How could Santa be there?

How could her child learn to believe in happy endings?

After all,

It was too late for her…

In the next house,

A wrinkled old lady,

Gazed at the falling snow for the last time.

Fireplace crackling; Yet there were no stockings.

A cold house with a cold heart…

As she heard strains of carols from afar,

She whispered to herself- Christmas is here at last!

                                                                           -By Lavanya Gupta

The H.T Scholarship 2018

Every year our school selects 10 shining students from every division who appear for the H.T. Scholarship.

I was privileged to be among the 60 students who won the Hindustan Times Scholarship ( Mumbai ) for the year 2018. Here is the essay I wrote on the topic:

Are we addicted to our mobile phones and computer technology? if so, how can we reduce the addiction?

             ESCAPING THE ‘CELL’

“Cellphones are so convenient that they are an inconvenience”

– Haruki Murakami


The greatest puzzles answered using Google, grocery ordered on Big Basket, food delivered with a swipe of a finger using Swiggy, all the while assisted by Alexa. The smart technology of the 21st century has surely made our lives convenient. However, for this ease, we have traded our souls, with 44% of Indian adolescents suffering from mobile addiction and 66% of adults suffer from nomophobia, the fear of being away from our mobile phones. They are holding us prisoners, no wonder they are called cell phones!!

The computer and mobile technology do offer immense benefits, but we have to be watchful of falling prey to their obsessive craving. Overuse of these tools can lead not just to eye strain and neck problems but also sleep disturbances, depression and anxiety.

The time has come to disconnect to connect. I am taking a pledge to be a conscious, mindful and disciplined user of cell phone and computer technology, promising myself to use the phone only for emergencies. Promising myself to open a book instead of my browser and writing a birthday card instead of a group message.  Most importantly, cherishing myself for who I truly am, not the likes my pictures get or the number of followers I have.

Do join me as I take this pledge for now is the moment to open the windows of our hearts and hear the real twitter of birds, now is the moment for #realme!!

                                                                                   -By Lavanya Gupta


A single smile,

enough to make my day.

A single word,

enough to erase my sorrow.

You are the reason,

I am here,

and who I am today…

You are my hope,



You are more than my friend,

You are my salvation.

                                                                                        -By Lavanya Gupta


I remember,

here in the glen,

a young girl used to sit,

on a little piece of wood; a swing.

To and fro,

higher and higher,

Until she could reach the clouds……..

Long golden hair,

shining in the sunshine,

tied back with a red ribbon,

Maple coloured eyes,

lit with childish energy,

A smile,

dancing on her lips.

Her youth was captured forever there,

Among periwinkles and honeysuckles.


Eighty years later,

as I sit on my rickety swing,

I remember the girl I once was –

Vivacious, light-hearted, funny, jovial;

and here I am now,

Weak and frail.

As I took in all the beauty around me for the last time,

my glance fell on a red ribbon,

lying in the mud,

and I was drowning in a sea of memories….

-By Lavanya Gupta




Amidst the dark, ominous clouds,

Hidden, a rainbow.

In that pool of stones,

Hidden, is a diamond.

Among the flocks of smiling faces,

Hidden, is a crying one.

Far in those teary eyes,

Hidden, is love.

In that life of sorrow,

Hidden, is a driving hope.

Behind those hastily tied plaits,

Hidden, a life of conflict.

Somewhere in  that shaky voice,

Hidden, a warrior; somewhere.

And the little girl went to school,

more than what everyone saw;

You see she was a Jew,

in Nazi Germany.

                                                                                        -By Lavanya Gupta



I’m sorry,

for being your friend.

I’m sorry,

for not being your friend.

I’m sorry,

for telling you stuff I should not have,

it’s all my fault.

I’m sorry,

for not telling you stuff I should have,

friends don’t keep secrets right..

I’m sorry,

for not being there when I should have,

I’m sorry,

for being there when I should not have been….

I’m sorry,

for making you unhappy,

those tears were all my fault.

I’m sorry,

for  making you smile…

sometimes you just have to let go.

Mostly I am sorry that you ever had to get to know me……..

                                                                                            -By Lavanya Gupta