It's cowardice. 
Forfeiting a match before you even know the outcome.
It is the low way around.
The coward's path, the shortcut.

But no one can deny that it takes a ton of courage,
to swallow those pills,
to light that match,
to take the final leap,
to squeeze the trigger...
A hell more of courage than I have.

Aren’t we all shadows?


Aren’t we all shadows?

Shadows –

hazy images of a person;

a person you want to be.

Aren’t we all replicas of the ‘cool kids’,

the queens, jocks and cheerleaders?

Aren’t we shadows of them?

We were ourselves,

as children

when we were confident

and proud to be who were;

unique,rare and special…

Today we stand as nothing more than shadows.

-By Lavanya Gupta


Stone hard, machine gun,

Fire at the ones who run,

Stone hard as bulletproof glass

– Sia, Titanium

She never falters.



The epitome of perfection.

She is a star,

in the night sky;

a rare gift.

She stands a little taller;

her smile- brighter than the rest.

You could try to shoot her down,

but bullets of heart just ricocheted off her armour.

she is bulletproof…

But there are two faces to every coin,

and two sides to every story.

As she sits in a deserted alcove,

her impenetrable armour disintegrates into nothing.

She lays still,

in an inky corner,

rivulets of mascara flowing down her cheeks…

That mask was nothing more than a pretence,

a feeble attempt at masking her scars,

making herself whole once more;

you see that bulletproof heart was actually a fallen soldier…

-By Lavanya Gupta


What war means to me

War is nothing more than a stray word,

a mere argument,

that claims billions of lives,

destroys everything you have ever known.

It scars you,

changes you.

It tears you away from the ones you love,

shatters dreams, hopes;

blots away live like a pen on a paper.

The feeling of captivity,

as you long to soar as you once did,

The experience of sitting still in a bunker,

simply hoping and praying that you get to live to see a new day,

The moment when everyone around you falls,

and you know that within seconds you will fall too…

This is what a war makes you feel…

It wrenches your soul out,

manipulates you,

until the only rational thought you have left is to live;

or even die.

A war shapes the future,

shatters the present,

and destroys the past.

-By Lavanya Gupta

Remember Me

You have no idea,

how much I’ll miss you.

I just saw the sun;

and now the clouds are back again…

will you miss me too?

I’ll miss your smile,

your comforting laugh,

the warmth in your eyes,

the way you were just there-

I guess I took your presence for granted.

There is so much I have to tell you,

dreams and hopes;

Who will I tell them to now?

Will you even remember me?

I’m the shy girl,

the one who always had her nose in her novel,

but whose day brightened up,

when she saw you around the corner…

The one who pretended not to see you,

but failed miserably.

The one who wished, with all her heart,

that you saw her too;

that girl.


just promise me that you’ll always remember me.

-By Lavanya Gupta

You and I, we may go away, but we’ll stay together, always…


As waves arched over my head,

I struggled to stay afloat.

my lungs were bursting.

As the salty water stung my eyes.

I kicked harder.

My head broke through the water,

but I only managed to take one feeble breath,

before the waters pulled me down again.

My vision turned hazy,

the world started going black.

My thoughts ran wild,

unwinding like thread,

I remembered his smile,

so deep, so trusting.

I remembered how we fought that day,

our words hurt more than bullet holes…

I didn’t want to go back,


Not to the hurt,

the pain;

the trust that we lost…

With one last look towards the surface,

I kicked deeper into the unknown.

-By Lavanya Gupta


I secured the diamond necklace around my neck and stared at the mirror.I saw the wavy ebony hair, the grey eyes and those gorgeous crimson lips before stepping out of my villa I remembered something my grandmother told me beauty is as much on the inside as it is on the outside.

Then I felt like the ugliest person who ever roamed this planet. Why? Why because my heart was scarred with wounds as deep as the soldier’s trenches, sorrows like the tears of the mourning families. It seems like my heart is cracked by my friends who stabbed me in the back; those dreams which never came true. Those days of suffering endlessly,the nights of ceaseless horror. The silent unspoken words and the cold unshed tears.

It struck me then that all the elegance, grace was just a fake, it was me trying to cover up my imperfections. Me, the most appalling soul alive.

                                                                                   – By Lavanya Gupta

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